Design of medical technology management software based on professional experience for hospital facilities

  • Pedro Pablo Escobar Facultad de Ingeniería, Grupo Intelymec, UNCPBA.
  • Edgardo Ariel Díaz Facultad de Medicina, UBA.
  • Fabiana del Valle Ríos Facultad Regional Tucumán, Ingeniería en Sistemas de Información, UTN.
  • Marcos Formica Facultad de Ingeniería, Bioingeniería, UNER.


Medical asset management software (MAMS) is often used to assist managers and technical executives to take strategic decisions and to improve data and documentation available. But the market lacks a dynamic and tailored solution for medical technology managers. The MAMS intend to has a set of planning tools and indicators for operational and management use reports. This document describes the development of a specific management software based on experience, considering  the potential use for small and big hospital facilities, browsing by multiplatform distribution table computer with web access and smart phones too. The authorized use of several current clinics and hospitals data has permited us see the power and the acceptacy tool to take decisions focusing on all management data, either in a small health institution or in a high complexity center.
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