Statistical analysis of flow in volumetric infusion devices

  • Débora Rubio Facultad Regional San Nicolás - UTN
  • Andrés Valdez Gabinete de Tecnología Médica, Universidad Nacional de San Juan
  • Nicolás Lescoulie Laboratorio de Ensayos de dispositivos Biomédicos, Universidad Tecnológica Nacional
  • Sergio Ponce Laboratorio de Ensayos de dispositivos Biomédicos, Universidad Tecnológica Nacional


Due to the lately increase of medical technology in the hospital practice; it is necessary to be aware of the crucial importance of the performance verification of this technology. On the contrary, an increase of failures or accidents may occur, which in some cases, can be dangerous or fatal for the patients. In order to offer more security to the patients, some performance procedures on the infusion pumps were developed. The measures and verifications were done under laboratories procedures, based on IEC 60601-2-24: 2012 standards, “Particular requirements for the basic safety and essential performance of infusion pumps and controllers”. With the use of specialize equipment, some measures were obtained to graphic the established flow and trumpet curves. Eight infusion pumps of the same brand and model were analyzed in the laboratory. The obtained curves and the typical curves from the manufacturer were compared, using digital programs and statistical studies. As a result, some differences in the administration precision were discovered. To conclude we can say that even using the same model, brand and age, the accuracy of the equipment is different.
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