Total Knee Replacement Evaluation with Dynamic CINARTRO Method

  • José Artigas
  • Dario Santos Núcleo de Ingeniería Biomédica - Universidad de la República
  • Franco Simini


Videofluoroscopy is used to evaluate the movement of the knee. The use of CINARTRO is here extended to Total Knee Replacement follow up, after incipient use in Anterior Cruciate Ligament repair.  Tibial Femoral Contact Point (TFCP) migration is smaller (42%) in prosthetic knees with respect to normal knees (55%). Considering flexion-extension stages separately, the TFCP migration at full extension has a greater value (64%) than at mid extension and flexion (50% & 54%). The same behaviour is also observed for prosthetic knees, but all values reduced: a high of 50% at extension follows 37% & 41%. This can be interpreted as a prosthetic restored near-physiological behaviour.
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