Development of a test bench for volumetric infusion pumps according to IRAM 4220-2-24 and IRAM 62353

  • Walter A. Leiva Gabinete de Tecnologías Médicas, Departamento de Bioingeniería, FACET – UNT
  • Lucila M. Figueroa Gallo Dirección de Mantenimiento Técnico Hospitalario del Sistema Provincial de Salud de Tucumán
  • Juan Manuel Olivera Gabinete de Tecnologías Médicas, Departamento de Bioingeniería, FACET – UNT


Nowadays, infusion pumps are the most abundant medical device in the critical care areas. So, the assurance of quality, safety and efficiency of the proper functioning has a great impact in health institutions. The objective of this work is to present the design and implementation of a testing device for volumetric infusion pumps and it´s inspection procedures. It was built with affordable and inexpensive materials, but at the same time allows different measurands to be sensed, without major difficulties, according to IRAM 4220-2-24: 2012 and IRAM 62353: 2013 guidelines and easy handling. The results show that the developed system fulfills the proposed objective and allows the detection of faults in volumetric infusion pumps with acceptable precision and accuracy, making this a useful tool to evaluate corrective and preventive maintenance tasks, and allows the generation of digital and written reports for the system documentation.
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