Mask for Measuring Bruxism in a Non-Invasive Way

  • Ana Teresa Alfaro Arteaga Universidad de la Salle Bajío
  • Adrián Arroyo Gutiérrez Universidad de la Salle Bajío
  • Frida Paola Piña Orlaineta Universidad de la Salle Bajío
  • Solange Ivette Rivera Manrique Universidad de la Salle Bajío


Bruxism is a repetitive activity involving masticatory muscles, characterized by clenching or grinding of the teeth. Bruxism may also include moments of friction and mandibular contraction. This disease is part of the daily life of a patient who suffers the consequences of stress. In the present project a mask was designed for the early detection of bruxism in a non-invasive way. Keywords— Bruxism, Masticatory Muscles, Early Detection, Medical Device, Non-Invasive.
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