Desarrollo de un sistema de registro para el diagnóstico temprano de la coordinación del reflejo alimentación/respiración en neonatos

  • Mariana E. Spuches
  • Gastón M. Benavidez Casal
  • Carlos M. Pais


Statistical surveys indicate that 10 % of Newborn in Argentina, are premature. They are assisted in Neonatal Intensive Care Units until gestational maturity. Currently the parameters for determining the maturity of the newborn are weight and gestational age. However, currently a group of studies indicate that healthy newborn come to the necessary maturity to get out the intensive care room when they acquire the feeding/breathing reflex, which may occur before reaching the normal values of the above parameters. If possible to determine this, the baby can get out the intensive care room in less time, which brings with it several advantages as: decreasing of the in-hospital risk, improvement in psychophysical development, make a place available in the Neonatal Intensive Care Units and lowering the health care costs, among others. By the above, we are presenting the design and development of a prototype system that records and displays simultaneously signals of sucking, swallowing and breathing, allowing the study and diagnosis of said reflex. Thus, the health care professional is assisted in making decisions by records that constitute a legal document.
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