Diseño e implementación de un equipo de deposición de Parylene en implantes

  • Emanuel L. Capra
  • Juan I. Etchart
  • Fabio A. Guarnieri


Parylene is a biomaterial used as conformally cover for a wide variety of substrates and configurations. Its deposition is carried out in the gas phase by Chemical Vapor Deposition techniques (CVD). Currently on the market a wide range of makes and models of deposition equipments. Despite this, this item is not usual in the local area (country) neither regional area (Mercosur) due to the unavailability of resources. In this paper it is design and implement a team of technical CVD deposition of Parylene with local resources based on the needs of the BioMEMS Laboratory (LabBioMEMS) of the Faculty of Engineering of Entre Rios.
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