Communication Architecture for Real-Time Telemedicine Systems on the Internet

  • Fernando Corteggiano Universidad Nacional de Río Cuarto
  • Sebastián Joel Tosco GIDAT - Universidad Nacional de Río Cuarto
  • Livio Sebastián Maglione GIASA - Universidad Nacional de Río Cuarto
  • Juan M. Fontana GAV - Universidad Nacional de Río Cuarto


The next generations of teleoperation systems pose important challenges related to the performance of communication networks, software technologies and data security. As is known, on the Internet there are several situations that threaten the communication between extremes: delays, jitter variation, packet loss and firewalls, which can be inconvenient when implementing applications of telemedicine in real time, such as telediagnosis, tele-surgery (remote sugery) or other sensitive applications. The main goal of this work is to propose a real-time bilateral teleoperation architecture for telemedicine. It proposes a data transmission architecture based on the double implementation of the WebSocket Application Messaging Protocol (WAMP), to allow the monitoring and bilateral communication of data, the network security, the incorporation of new participants of the network and the real-time transmission, all transparently to network firewalls. The results show that the system is able to meet the requirements of telemedicine implementations in real time over the Internet.
Scientific articles